A Few Words

Open Letter

An Open Letter

About Nick

To Prospective and Current Clients

I want to thank you for taking the time to browse my service and read this letter. My name is Nick, and I’m a kid from Bakersfield, CA. Since my early childhood, I’ve always had a knack for websites, building some of my earliest ones in elementary school as part of my 4H computer club. Since then, I’ve made dozens of sites ranging from landing pages to social networking platforms and everything in between.

When not working on the family farm in Lott, TX, I attend Drake Law School, and to stay involved with something I love, I decided to turn my talent into a service. As a result, Cerium is a one-stop shop for your web presence.

What is all of this about?

What is Cerium

Cerium is a brainchild of mine that allows individuals to build their websites cheaper and with better performance than the big guys. We can accomplish this by taking a co-op approach to the web space. The idea is that the more people in our community, the more resources we have available. Our monthly subscriptions are distributed across our network toward plugin, theme, template, and server development. 

What do I do this for?

It is no secret that law students are typically broke, and I am no exception. However, my primary purpose in building Cerium was to step out of my comfort zone and build something that solved many issues the industry lacked. The sites I develop for my clients and those who wish to build on their own can now be achieved on one platform. In addition, the plugins purchased and implemented are available to every client at no additional cost. Cerium is about something other than upselling and additional services (some may argue a terrible business decision); it’s about building something I always wished was available.

Charity In Mind

I aim to offer one free website to a qualified nonprofit, club, or organization for every paying client. As a scholar and a philanthropist, I wholeheartedly believe in the institutions that make our communities a better place and that if I can eliminate an expense, then I am doing my part as a community member.